Intermitent unstable connection

Hey! I’m having issues with my connection when using Tailscale, and I don’t have these issues if I open a port and use that instead. For example, when I’m copying a big file from a SMB share the transfer will work fine for a few seconds, and then stop for a few more. I also had similar issues with a ZFS replication. In both cases it was enough to crash the entire operation.

The machines I’m using are

  • Windows 10 with Tailscale 1.34.1
  • TrueNAS SCALE server with Tailscale 1.34.1 running in a container. The TrueNAS server itself is accessed via subnet router.

In the container log I get messages like these (filtered for port 445, there are other messages):

2022/12/29 16:52:33 proxy connection closed with error: write tcp connection reset by peer
2022/12/29 16:52:40 Accept: TCP{ >} 76 tcp non-syn
2022/12/29 16:53:36 proxy connection closed with error: readfrom tcp> read tcp connection reset by peer

I get a ping between the machines, both normal and tailscale ping. When I run tailscale.exe status on Windows I get this for the other node: active; offers exit node; direct

What can I do to diagnose what’s the problem?