Can't connect to main linux desktop?

Sorry guys, I feel like an idiot! i’m not sure where to go… I have one linux desktop that can ping and can be pinged by other tailscale machines, but I can’t access any services on it, nor can I access other machines’ services from it. Any ideas? I feel like i’m missing something obvious. My other tailscale machines are totally fine/working perfectly (linux, windows, etc). Thank you in advance!

Do you have shields-up=true or on your tailscale up cmd/scriptlet?

Do you have ufw (ubuntu) or firewalld (fedora etc…) enabled on default setitngs?

What services are you trying to accessing? Are you they bound to localhost only?

You’ll need to share a lot more info to get anything other than wild guesses here - pinging the tailscale IP? which version? what’s your up statement? whats your distro? whats services?

Thank you sir, and you bring up a great point! Sorry dude, i didn’t include much info did I?

Kubuntu 22.04.01. Kernel 5.15. Plasma 5.24.7.
No firewall on the machine/any machine.
Just using “tailscale up”

I did figure out the cause of the problem… I was/am using PIA VPN. Is that an insurmountable problem? I’m trying to access my Radarr, Sonarr, Prowlarr, and Qbittorrent TCP ports without exposing any of those to the internet. My resolv.conf is:

options edns0 trust-ad
Using pi-hole as my DNS (recursive DNS using Unbound)

Is that enough info? Or maybe it’s impossible to use both VPNs at once…?

Thanks again, and I really appreciate the help/knowledge. :pray: