Connection issues to access shared folders on my linux server

Tailscale version: 1.32.2
Your operating system & version: Ubuntu Server LTS 20.04

Hi everyone,
I installed Tailscale on my Linux Ubuntu server 20.04 some time ago. I also set a Route on it to access other devices in my LAN. Everything seems to work properly and I can access a few services running on my server via my smartphone browser by using their own LAN IPs and ports. Great!
I would also have liked to acces my shared folders I set on my linux server via my smartphone’s file manager as I did when I used to run Wireguard only, but after I entered my credential and my Server’s IP - where the shared folders lie - and pushed “Connect”, I got a Connection issue message. I haven’t yet figured out what the problem might possibly be?
For the record, I tried to disable the firewall on my linux server, but nothing changed, same issue.
Could you please help me?

I can access my folders on the server via SFTP. So, as far as I’ve understood there might be a sort of software incompatibility between Tailscale and Samba on Ubuntu Server 20.04. Anyway, I don’t know how it can be sort out.