One of my computers won't connect

Tailscale version: 1.34.0
Your operating system & version: Fedora 36

I’m having some issues with tailscale on my computer, and i don’t understand why.
It has worked for half a year now, but last week it stopped working.
I have tried on two different networks and log out of tailscale and back in again.
When i use tailscale status i get:

~> tailscale status
# Health check:
#     - not logged in, last login error=register request: Post "": connection attempts aborted by context: context deadline exceeded

ping’ing goes through.
Does anyon have any tips for what i can try to resolve this?

i just tried to reinstall the tailscale app, and it didn’t help

if anyone else has these kinds of problems, check if you have set something in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf.
I had tested dnscrypt-proxy locally, and set the dns to when i removed it, it started to work again.