Automate the selection of exit node

Is there a way to automate selecting/deselecting an exit node (like “up --exit-node=” with CLI) for some device on mobile platforms?
Studying the sources I figured it’s a client-side feature, but since the official client let’s you change it only though a lot of menu-tapping – I was looking for a way to do this through an API (or any other way) not involving building a new executable.

The UI and backend service for a platform communicate using a localAPI, a small http server run by the backend. However on iOS the Tailscale app is constructed using an Applle technology called a Network Extension, which is given privileges to modify network configuration but must run inside a sanbox which limits what it can do.

The local API is inside the sandbox, and inaccessible from outside the app. I don’t think there is a way to reach it from automation you create on the device.

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I see, thank you for the thorough answer!
I’d open an issue on github but there’s already two about shortcuts support.