Exit node and iPhone hotspot

Hello! I have a question about how exit nodes work (and hopefully how to solve an issue regarding them).

I have a device (call it A) and I need to navigate the web from it using my house’s IP address. Unfortunately, device A is not into my house and I cannot install Tailscale on it. I have a device B in my home, with Tailscale installed and configured to work as an exit node.

I then installed Tailscale on my iPhone and configure it to use the exit node in B. By surfing to whatismyip.com, I correctly see my house’s address. Then I activated the Wi-Fi hotspot in iOS and connect A using that hotspot: the IP address is the one belonging to my mobile carrier.

Is there a way to extend the exit node functionality in Tailscale so that devices connected to the hotspot in iOS use it?

I hope that the description is clear.