Will there be a 1.14 release for Mac?

I’m just curious, since it’s been almost a month since the release of 1.14.x on other platforms… will there be a 1.14 release for macOS?

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Apple raised an objection during the 1.14 review, applied to both macOS and iOS. The objection is to an aspect of the app that has been in all prior versions shipped to date, but pointing that out changes nothing and we have to address their concern.

We do take backwards compatibility very seriously, Apple devices on 1.12.x will interoperate cleanly with other versions on other platforms.

We expect to be able to address Apple’s conern and unblock the Apple review process to update those apps, just takes time.


Looking forward to this release! :relaxed:

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1.14.4 is in the Mac App Store now. :grinning: