1.6 Does not appear in Mac App Store

I’m running 1.4.5. The Mac App Store offers to open that version, but not to download and install 1.6. I’ve quit Tailscale, logged out, etc. but the update does not appear. I’m running Big Sur on an M1 MacBook Air.

I’m also not seeing 1.6 in the Mac App Store and am running Big Sur on x86, it’s still showing 1.4.5 as the latest.

Hi. I read elsewhere that the macOS and iOS updates haven’t been approved by Apple just yet. Hopefully Soon™.

Same deal on macOS at my end. On iOS though, 1.6 is available via TestFlight.

Our macOS version of 1.6 is still under process, not in the Apple app store yet.

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I checked this morning and 1.6 is showing up in the App Store.