iOS Tailscale app on M1 Macs?

The official way to put Tailscale on a Mac is through the Tailscale app on the Mac App Store. However, M1-based Macs are able to download and run iOS apps that aren’t marked by the developer as being disallowed for use in that way. And indeed, on my M1 MacBook, I can see the Tailscale iOS app. I haven’t downloaded it onto my MacBook because I already have Tailscale installed and I don’t want to break anything, but that’s a possible bit of confusion for people.

If you don’t want people installing your iOS app on their Macs, perhaps it would be worth it to mark that app as disallowed on the Mac, so that they can’t? A page talking about how to do that is here.

We’ve deselected the iOS app availability for macOS, thank you.

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