Which routers supported?


Are there any "home/isp/sme routers that support tailscale?

Would be a real game changer if your average ISP router supported it, purely in terms of uptake/marketing/brand awareness

Perhaps use some of the recent monies to pay these manufacturers to integrate it :slight_smile:


there’s a package for pfsense, that’s how I integrate it

haha, thanks for belated reply :slight_smile: its what i’m atually using now, tailscale with pfsense, its a perfect combo!

The newer GL.inet routers like the Beryl AX (MT-3000) have Tailscale support built in with a simple GUI interface. It’s marketed as a travel router so it’s very portable. https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-mt3000/

It’s easy to set up and works perfectly, except that I’m having trouble routing all LAN traffic out through the Tailscale exit node. It seems like it should work, but I posted a detailed description of my problem on this forum https://forum.tailscale.com/t/tailscale-on-gl-inet-router-beryl-ax-gl-mt3000/5514