Tailscale on GL.inet router Beryl AX (GL-MT3000)

Anyone here have experience with these GL.inet routers?

I have firmware version 4.2.2 installed on the Beryl AX.

Before trying to use Tailscale on the router I made sure my Tailscale network is working properly. I have multiple devices as Tailscale nodes and 2 different exit nodes (one is a Raspberry Pi at home and the other is at Amazon AWS). I’ve been using Tailscale on my MacBook while I travel and use both exit nodes and that’s all working perfectly.

Now I want to configure the Beryl AX router with Tailscale and ALWAYS route EVERYTHING from the LAN out through the selected Tailscale exit node. The Beryl AX built-in Tailscale options worked properly - I configured and authenticated. And see the Beryl AX node is active on my Tailscale admin panel.

On the Tailscale admin panel I have authorized the subnet routes from the Beryl AX.

I can ping the private Tailscale address of the Beryl AX from other nodes on the network.

I can access the Beryl AX GUI by entering the private Tailscale IP address in a browser on a remote Tailscale node.

From LAN devices I can ping the Beryl AX private Tailscale IP address, and I can access the Beryl AX GUI.

The only problem is that devices on the LAN cannot access the internet. It seems like nothing is being forwarded out the Tailscale exit node. The LAN devices report no access to the internet.

See picture below for the Beryl AX router configuration.

See the information in my picture where it says “If this option is enabled, the device will forward all requests to the exit node.” This is exactly what I want, but it doesn’t work.

Any advice appreciated. I live in the US and I’m going to Europe in a couple of weeks and was hoping this router would simplify some things for me.