Tailscale client as a router?

Does Tailscale have the capability of being a router itself?

I run Tailscale through the TrueNAS → TrueCharts → Docker container. I’m looking to have certain machines at my parents’ house forward all their traffic to my home network’s exit node. Thing is, some of those devices can’t install Tailscale.

While a subnet router allows me to access them, those devices cannot go through my network.

Even if their NAS connects to my exit node, there’s currently no way for non-Tailscale devices to be routed from their machine to the Tailscale network even if point those machines’ gateway at the NAS.

The only way I can think to do this is to add a pfSense (or similar) box on their network, but that’s yet another thing to install, maintain, and keep running 24/7.

Unless I’m missing something. Is there a way to set up a routed gateway in Tailscale? Is there a simple “enable router” in Linux that takes incoming Internet connections and outputs them to another network?