Using tightVNC server with tailscale [SOLVED]

I like this remote GUI server because its free to use. However it reports the connection is not encrypted even though I am using tailscale. Do you think that is a limitation of the software not knowing it is using tailscale or that I am doing something wrong?

I do realize the tightvnc only encrypts passwords and not the session. I am just curious if this message is still actually true or not.


Thank you for any insight.


tigervnc on its own, is not secure.
tigervnc does not know if it is being tunneled over tailscale, vpn, ssh and so on, thus that scary message

tailscale encrypts traffic over a point-to-point tunnel.

therefore, all tigervnc traffic over tailscale is encrypted and secure.

does that make sense?

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It absolutely does make sense and I did kind if suspect that was the case, however I wanted to be sure about it with someone that knows better than I do. RealVNC does encrypt traffic however you are limited to 5 accounts I believe.

This option with tightVNC will suit my needs fine is I need a GUI. SSH/SCP does everything else I need.

Many thanks for the reply. Very helpful! P.S. I am talking about tightVNC and not TigerVNC - although I suspect that wont make much of a difference as the same points would be made about either.