Rent server for VPN exit node

Hey! i’ve set up basic VPN connection for my laptop and phone setting up TailScale on the rented KVM server on hosttailor

I wanted to ask you about server requirements in that matter. Do i need to rent KVM or are there any cheaper options? Thanks you guys <3

I use the USD 3.50 AWS Lightsail service with the Ubuntu image and it works great!

hello and welcome to the forum,

there are a lot of choices for cloud vm.

took a quick read at hosttailor, looks like they charge for outbound traffic, is that correct?

hetzner offers 20TiB of high-speed data transfer per month.
i use that to host emby media server.
one nice newbie feature, is the hetzner provides a basic firewall between the internet and the vm.
that way, i can block all in bound traffic except for tailscale has unlimited transfer, but they limit outbound bandwidth.
i use rclone on it to move veeam old backup files from wasabi to aws deep glacier.
does not have that host provided firewall,

so to block all inbound traffic except for tailscale, i used this guide to setup ubuntu ufw on the vm