Using FileZilla with tailscale

Hey, I recently installed tailscale vpn on my linux server so that I can acces it outside my home network. Using ssh and the tailscale ipv4 works great! But when I trie to connect to my server using FileZilla it can’t connect with the server. Is there a setting that I missed? Do I need to specity a port in FileZilla? Because I need to acces those files when I’m on the go. I’m pretty new to linux and networking so an detailed explanation would be extremely helpful!

What FTP server are you using? Maybe the ftp server is not listening on the tailscale ip/interface. Most ftp servers let you specify on what ip they are listening, for example
Often you can change this to so the ftp listens on every ip-adress.

edit: when you want to use SFTP, you need to specify the port 22.