Running tailscale in paralell with a VPN, Tailscale HTTP Proxy/Extention?

Dear Community,
I am running tailscale on several devices and am looking for a way to get tailscale running alongside of my VPN.

My current issue is that I cannot connect to tailscale & my VPN provider in paralell.
I am usually only accessing tailscale devices from a specific browser. I am trying to find a way to add Tailscale as a http proxy inside of that browser to be able to access my devices while running my VPN Systemwide on my Computer.

That way I am always connected over my VPN systemwide while still being able to access all my network devices from that one browser either with a configured Proxy or a Tailscale Extention?

Is there any way to achieve this?
Thank you very much!

Tailscale version: 1.34.2
Your operating system & version: Mac OS Ventura