Using an Exit Node on Synology NAS

According to here: Synology: tracking bug for use cases · Issue #1995 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub you can’t use an exit node on a Synology NAS because “we don’t mess with the routing table or ip tables” what do I need to do with the routing table to use an exit node?

We’d recommend loading the 1.22.x SPK from instead, where exit node support is a checkbox.

I have the 1.22.1 SPK, I can see it allows the NAS to be an exit node but I want the NAS to use another device as an exit node, I don’t see a checkbox for that, have I missed it somewhere?

I misunderstood what you were asking, I thought the request was for operating as an exit node.

Came here for this. This must be an extremely rare use case because I can’t find this situation on Google anywhere. Did you come up with anything yet?

No, I haven’t as yet.