Synology Diskstation - Using as exit node

I am trying to setup my Synology Diskstation DS918+ as a exit node.

When I log in via SSH and run “sudo tailscale up --advertise-exit-node” I get the following error: “sudo: tailscale: command not found”

Any advice on what I am doing wrong?

Hello, I just set up Tailscale on my synology nas…running the most up to date DSM 7 version….when logged in to my NAS and I got to the Tailscale app in DSM, a new window opens up and I get the option of advertising my nas as an Exit Node

Is this worth doing?

If you wanted to use your NAS as exitnode to route all your traffic through then yes.

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Would the use scenario for this when using wifi other than my own?

Sure, being on a public Wi-Fi network is one common use. Most Internet services nowadays are HTTPS and reasonably safe even from public Wi-Fi networks, but being able to tunnel one’s traffic back so it originates from one’s home is still useful.