Use android phone as an exit node but sharing its internet isn't working

I am trying to use my windows machine to access my android phone internet connection. so far I can use tailscale to access my android phone directory by using an android http app through the browser on port 8080. that means i can access my android phone without any issue across the internet on my windows laptop.

but the next step is to use my android phone as an exit node so that I can use my android phone mobile internet ip on my windows laptop e.g. my windows laptop is in China and my android is in uk. How can I use my android phone as a proxy so that my windows laptop can see the UK IP address on my windows browser to get through the Chinese firewall? i.e. the android phone will be the proxy to pipe all the internet traffic via the uk ip address directly to my windows machine in china.

Many thanks in advance!

Your Android phone cant be an Exit node. Only Linux, Macos and Windows can be Exit node.

But then why is there a menu point called “Run Exit node” on the Android app? :thinking:

Oh! You’re right, i just checked with my android phone.
The official website says that the exit node must be run on linux, mac, windows.

Ok got it working for me:
Enable exit node on android
enable exit node in tailscale admin portal
enable “use exit node android-phone” on my second phone.

my second phone now has the ip from my android-phone.

Edit: In tailscale Admin portal under DNS try to enable DNS override

Ah cool, I wasn’t able to try it myself, but it’s good to know it works.^^
Thanks for testing, much appreciated! :beers:

Thanks. It does work !! Any android phone can be a VPN node. That is quite a useful feature.