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I have a scenario where I’m running tailscale on Android device together with some random http proxy server app from google play to use the android device as http proxy from ubuntu server. Is there a simpler or better method to achieve the same goal but without installing separate android http server app on android device?

You’re looking to redirct traffic from the Ubuntu node through the phone, or the other way around?

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I want to access android 4g proxy internet as http proxy on ubuntu server, ideally looking for option where I wouldn’t need to run a http proxy server app on android.

there is a feature, which is still in Beta, so it’s hidden away, but you’re welcome to try it out and see how it works for you.

You can run an android device as an exit node. If you open the tailscale app, and type debug in the search bar, then click the ... menu, you will have an option to run an exit node.

Once that’s selected, you can turn on the route in your admin console here: Tailscale under ... Edit Route Settings and turn on the Use as Exit Node switch.

Then from your Ubuntu machine, you can run tailscale up --exit-node 100.x.y.z - the tailscale ip address of your android phone.

Then all internet connections from the Ubuntu machine will be routed through the phone.

Note, this can use a lot of data quickly! You can turn off tailscale on the phone, and run tailscale up --exit-node to stop using the exit node.

More information available here: Android as exit node · Issue #1738 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub