Android phone using exit node cant find window machine in local network

I have Galaxy note 10 plus, android 12, running tailscale with exit node and allow lan access, it cant find windows 11 machine in local network, so the connection will go through the exit node, cause increase latency, while I dont have problem when I boot to linux (dual boot). Can some one guide me to diagnose the issue of windows.

I have the same behavior with Android phone using exit node (which is a linux based Synology device).

Local network access has nothing to do with the “Allow LAN Access” toggle, which is not the expected or documented behavior.

In the current version of the android app, on up-to-date android (Pixel 7 / Android 13):

  • LAN access is always available when not using an exit node.
  • LAN access is never available when using an exit node.
  • Toggling “Allow LAN Access” has no effect on LAN access, only the two items above.

Not as documented
The tailscale documentation here (Exit Nodes (route all traffic) · Tailscale) states:

“If you want to allow direct access to your local network when traffic is routed via an exit node, select Allow LAN access.

But this is not the case. So, hopefully this can be resolved.