Exit Node - not working?

Trying out Tailscale v1.6 and the exit node functionality.

Followed the instructions for setup on my linux VM and it shows as an exit node on my admin page

From my android phone - I set to use the exit node.

Two observation:

  1. Using Termux (linux on android) I try to ping the local network address (192.168.31.x) of the host machine of the VM. If tailscale is a routing all from my phone - it should be able to reach that machine right? I get 100% ping loss. Cannot connect to any other local network machines

  2. When I browse to ‘what is my IP’ I notice that it is changing when using exit node but yet I am still getting blocks from the wifi firewall (chrome complains about zscaler doing a MITM). If all traffic is going to exit node via tailscale then I shouldn’t get this error? When I activate my ‘real’ VPN - I can browse freely and don’t have this error.

For 1st Observation :

This is the known issue, Issues · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub please subscribe to this for future updates.

When using exit node, How tailscale node connect control plane or derp server? As all the traffic routed to tailscale0, but tailscale0 cannot reach out. Sounds like a dead loop?