Unable to connect to certain IP camera apps while using tailscale

I’ve recently setup tailscale on my pfsense router since I’m on Starlink. I’m trying to be able to view my cameras while I’m not at home.

I believe I have everything configured correctly, but I could be wrong. I have an Amcrest NVR as well as a Reolink camera that connect via an app on port 37777 and port 9000. I can browse to the NVR and camera while on 4/5G just fine (80/443) but when I try connecting to the app on port 37777, it times out. I ended up changing the HTTPS port to 37777 to make sure nothing is being blocked and sure enough, I can access it via chrome by https://ipaddress:37777

Am I doing something wrong?

Figured it out, I wasn’t using the exit note on the IOS app… set that and boom, I can now view my IP camera apps!

What I don’t understand is while I was able to view the 80/443 websites without the using the exit node though?