Connecting IP camera to Raspberry pi to Blue Iris server on a different network

Hi there!
I’m trying to solve a problem with my security camera system…

I have 2 networks.
Network 1 is running a Blue Iris server and a tailscale node. All working fine.
Network 2 has a raspberry pi 4 connected over wifi with a tailscale node and 2 cameras.
Camera 1 is a pi cam, which is connected to the Blue Iris server via tailscale and is working perfectly. (I just followed the Dogcam instructions - Set up a dogcam with Tailscale, Raspberry Pi, and Motion · Tailscale)
Camera 2 is connected to the pi’s ethernet port and I was able to supply it with internet using these instructions Sharing the Raspberry Pi's WiFi over the Ethernet Port - YouTube, but I can’t seem to get it to be seen by the tailscale node on the raspberry pi.

I’m wondering if someone can help me identify some next steps as I’ve hit a bit of a wall with my level of experience.

Thanks in advance!