IP CAM on Tailscale Raspberry Pi

I have Raspberry Pi running Tailscale which connects to internet trough USB LTE modem. I would like to attach IP camera to LAN port of Raspberry Pi and access IP camera trough Pi over the internet. Is that possible and how. I am lost and I am knocking on doors but non gets me to the ip camera.
I have enabled subnet, ip camera has DHCP enabled. How to get the IP of the camera? Is there a list of clients?
I thought I could access dumb devices trough Pi - am I wrong?

Hi Grega! Subnet routers are like a small bridge between your IP camera’s local LAN and your current LAN while you’re away from the network. If your subnet router is set up to advertise your IP camera’s IP route, and Tailscale is enabled on the subnet router at home and also your computer/device while away, you’ll access your camera using the IP on its local LAN (i.e.—it doesn’t get a Tailscale IP address.