HOASSIO + Tailscale + Subnets + Exit Node = Not passing http traffic to LAN cameras

Hello! I am new to tailscale. I have installed it as an Add-On to Home Assistant on a RPi4. I enabled tailscale subnets and exit node. From a remote tailscale device, I am able to ping devices behind the Home Assistant RPi’s LAN. I have cameras in this LAN which I can connect from a web browser locally on that network. But with my remote connection through tailscale, even though I can ping, http or https traffic from the camera is not coming through on the remote tailscale device. What am I missing? Do I have to do some static routing in the Netgear WiFi router where the cameras are connected to? Thanks in advance.

Edit: Oh, one more thing - when I do a telnet to a camera using port 443, the camera responds! There definitely is a connection made to the camera but somehow http or https traffic is blocked.

Disregard! I have re-assign the subnet router role to a Windows 10 running tailscale. Now I can remotely access all my cameras via the Windows 10 subnet router as exit node…

I may remove the tailscale add-on from that home assistant node.