Tailscale VPN Digitalocean

I am using digitalocean Ubuntu server as an exit node with Tailscale, all the necessary configurations have been fulfilled in Tailscale however when I connect to the internet via exit node it cannot establish connectivity. Additionally the ipv4 name cannot be detected using some tools as (https://whatismyipaddress.com/) etc.

I can ping my digitalocean droplet from the local machine just fine. Perhaps it is worth mentioning the firewall rules enabled on digitalocean droplet are:

SSH TCP 22 All IPv4 All IPv6
HTTP TCP 80 All IPv4 All IPv6
HTTPS TCP 443 All IPv4 All IPv6
Custom UDP 51820 All IPv4

What can be done in order to make it work?

Hey @Ian

what are your outbound firewall rules? Can you reach a host when you are logged into the droplet via SSH?

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Hey @Lieven ,

Thanks, my outbund are :
All tcp All ports IPV4/6
All udp All port IPV4/6

I think I can, ping showed no packets were lost actually. Could it be ISP issue?

Hey @Ian

I’m by no means a specialist but I wanted to point towards the existence of an outbound firewall in DigitalOcean that might be blocking outgoing traffic. I have some experience with those :slight_smile: Since outbound is allow all/all in your setup this does not same to be a problem.

For other tips and tricks on setting up an exit node I’m afraid somebody else will need to join this discussion.

Best regards,

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