Tailscale on DIgital Ocean not resolving local hosts and not using correct DNS

I’ve set up a Ubuntu droplet on DO and installed tailscale to be used as an exit node (that part is working). I have a subnet router on a VM at my house and Pihole with local DNS entries for hosts. Can’t ping them by host name from the DO droplet though when I run systemd-resolve --status it shows my pihole as the DNS server for the tailscale0 Link. I can resolve hosts from every other node (manual host entities in Pihole). Because of how DO sets up Ubuntu it has the DO DNS servers ( and.3) for the other two links (eth0 and eth1).

How do I change the other DNS servers when they get assigned by cloud-init (as far as I can tell)? Struggling trying to find answers for this one.

I’d like for all traffic going out this node to use the pihole for all resolution. It is not doing that (no records showing in the Pihole logs for this node).\