Tailscale container exit node issue

I recently got started using tailscale. I am running it on a docker container on a raspberry pi 4 8GB. I want to use it as a exit node, but when I do so, webpages timeout and when I try to ping an ip adress, such as, it goes no where. I have set the ip_forwarding as it stated it should and I have tried to allow lan access, but I am unable to do so as I need to use it with --exit-node=IP and when I put in a IP, it says no node in netmap with IP.

Any help is appreciated.

I have also a simular problem

I eventually gave up trying to get it to work as an docker container to work as a exit node. I killed it and deleted it and I just installed it directly to my device, which now works.

FYI there is a solution posted for getting tailscale exit nodes to work in docker containers