TailScale Subnet Routers Same IPs

Tailscale version 1.32.3
Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS in Proxmox

Hi, I am running TailScale on multiple computers at the moment but running into an issue when I added a second subnet router using the Personal Pro plan.

I have a subnet router at home in Ubuntu in proxmox which allows me to access my entire home network from anywhere. I also just not setup a remote proxmox server at a second location to test things and do some backups with the same Ubuntu running TailScale subnet.

The issue I am running into is that since the IP range is the same it won’t let me connect to my remote server from my home location. If I switch to my phone hotspot I can connect to either one without issue.

Any idea how to pick which subnet I connect too?

Sorry if this is noob level but been trying to figure this out for a few days now without luck.


This is actually a tough question to answer which is probably why no one’s responded.

The correct answer here is to pick a different subnet for both networks. Subnets, even private ones, should never share IPs. If you can use a 3rd party relay, you can avoid it, like having a NAT in the way of your NAT, but it’s far easier to just change one of your subnets.

For anyone who doesn’t understand the issue:
Subnet conflicts are supposed to be non-existent because everyone’s supposed to have a public IP.

Now that we have NAT, it’s possible to have IP conflicts, but you’re supposed to use unique IPs in the range of ,, and (and others). Households are supposed to use and while is designed for private networks like Kubernetes and VPN technologies.