One Tailscale computer - multiple devices

Tailscale user:
Hello !
From what I understand, I need to install and authenticate tailscale on each and every computer of my network. I have a situation where only one computer in the network has Internet access, but I need direct access to other computers in the LAN.

Can one Tailscale client act as a NAT to reach other PCs in the LAN ?

Yes, please see this article.

Tailscale user:
Could you confirm that this is only available if I run Tailscale under linux on the subnet side ?

Yes, that’s currently the case. Some people without existing Linux infrastructure use a Raspberry Pi or a Linux VM on their Mac or Windows machine.

Tailscale user:
Currently trying on a virtual machine, looks promising and quite easy to setup.

Congrats !

Is there a way to perform some IP rewriting with this feature ?

Because I may need to subnet several networks on the same range…


sudo tailscale up --advertise-routes=

Exposes straight my local subnet, but will have issues to be seen by most of my collaborators because it is a common subnet…

Could I expose local subnet but expose globally as or…… or else, using IP rewriting for last byte ?

e.g. local is exposed globally as

We don’t support any rewriting yet, but that’s been requested by a few people now.

Tailscale user:
Thank you, Definitely useful. It would probably start to make Tailscale a potential solution for our business challenges.

I finalized testing of subnets yesterday, works like a charm so far !