Tailscale node connect and disconnect since 2 weeks

Hi , i have since about 2 weeks some disconnections from the Tailscale network.
It’s not on one specific node it happens. Nearby all nodes are affected. In the status windows about
all connections the nodes are “Connected”. In the status page all seems fine.
At some point a node can’t connect anymore to another node. If i ping the tailscale IP or the “local” IP (behind a router), i get no more a pong return. The node isn’t there. After some time, suddenly the node reappears and then i can connect again. I can sometimes force the reconnection by making through the agent a disconnect/connect . But always the status page shows the node as “Connected”.
As already said this appears since about 2 weeks.
Does anyone has seen the same behaviour ?
Thanks in advance,

Please run tailscale bugreport and send the code to support@tailscale.com and I can find some details on what’s happening around the time of that behaviour.