Intermittent Tailscale Connection

Hi all,

I am suffering intermittent connection issues when having “always on VPN” for Tailscale.

The tailscale app has two issues:

  1. Intermittent connection for tailscale nodes, they only workaround is to, and open tailscale app, stop tailscale, wait a few moments and start tailscale. Then I can connect to my nodes again.

  2. After doing this this causes my WiFi to show as “connected without Internet” and switches to mobile data for Internet access. If I stop tailscale, then WiFi does not automatically return, it stays in a connected without Internet state. I have to disable and reenable WiFi to get a “normal” connection status.

I pressed bug report when this happened last, hopefully it can shed some light on this issue and how to resolve it.


And another one:


Anyone else experiencing these type of issues?

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
OneUI 5.0/Android 13