No connectivity with hosts outside LAN


I have 5 devices on my Tailnet split over two physical locations (separate LANs). I’m having constant problems with one particular node:

  • tailscale status shows nodes within my LAN and shared nodes, but skips nodes from my Tailnet that are in other location

  • I can only connect (for example tailscale ping) to nodes within my LAN, no reply from shared hosts and no matching peer for nodes in other LAN

tailscale version
  tailscale commit: 0a43340482a86c3c227aa133c8f1ee9e36360b4b
  other commit: b05dc05d46c4a3c7e634ef0695221985be99274d
  go version: go1.17.2-ts7037d3ea51

tailscale netcheck
	* UDP: true
	* IPv4: yes, X.X.X.X:49497
	* IPv6: no
	* MappingVariesByDestIP: false
	* HairPinning: false
	* PortMapping: 
	* Nearest DERP: Frankfurt
	* DERP latency:
		- fra: 26.9ms  (Frankfurt)
		- lhr: 36.8ms  (London)
		- nyc: 97.1ms  (New York City)
		- ord: 115.7ms (Chicago)
		- dfw: 128.6ms (Dallas)
		- blr: 156ms   (Bangalore)
		- sfo: 164.4ms (San Francisco)
		- sea: 167.3ms (Seattle)
		- sin: 182.7ms (Singapore)
		- sao: 242ms   (São Paulo)
		- tok: 246.4ms (Tokyo)
		- syd:         (Sydney)

uname -a
Linux foobar 3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Nov 22 16:42:41 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Any ideas, please?

Would you please share the tailscale status output as well as the Tailscale IP of the node which you are expected to see but it does not show up in the tailscale status on