Tailscale Exits Not working

I’m running Debian 11, Kernel 5.10.0-13-amd 64, tailscale 1.22.2 on both client and exit node.

I setup the exit node per the instructions, including ip forwarding in sysctl. No issues that I can see.

The client I run: tailscale up --authkey my-secret-auth-key --exit-node=exit-node-ip-address

It will join the tailnet, show itself in the list when I run tailscale status but shows offline.

This is an out of the box Debian install on both with basic IPTables to allow port 22/tcp inbound and normal outbound traffic.

I’ve another set of client and exit Running on Debian 11/Bullseye, but the difference is the tailscale client is 1.22.0 not 1.22.2 and the exit and client work fine.

Is this by chance an issue with the new client somehow conflicting with something in the system? How can I down grade the client in Debian to 1.22.0 to verify this?

To install a specific version, you could run apt install tailscale=1.18.2 withe the available releases here: Releases · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub

I don’t expect that will fix this issue. I am running a couple of Debian 11 machines with 1.22.x clients, and am able to use exit nodes.

If you try and connect, then run tailscale bugreport you can send that code to me at support@tailscale.com or here and I can see what the telemetry is telling us.