Issue with exit node connectivity

Tailscale version:

  • Exit node version: 1.20.1
  • Client version: 1.20.1

Your operating system & version:

  • Exit node: Debian 11
  • Client: iOS 15.3

Hi! I recently setup Tailscale and decided to try the exit node feature however when using it on cellular I do not seem to have any internet connectivity. I am not able to test this on another Wi-Fi network and am wondering if this could be my cell provider blocking the traffic? Thanks guys!

Unlikely that they’re blocking it.
The most common issue in this scenario is a flaw in the DNS configuration.

My suggestion is to turn on MagicDNS here: Tailscale
And set Override Local DNS, and specify a public nameserver such as or

If that still isn’t working, let me know, or email