Can tailscale be blocked (filtered) by a Government?


I am living in a censored country where lots of websites and apps blocked by Government and many of VPNs already blocked too. we use a VPN then after a while will be blocked, I have heard also some VPNs based on WireGuard have been in trouble and could be blocked. so I am wondering if tailscale uses similar technology as VPNs then can be blocked in our country? or since tailscale uses different technology will be rare chance to be blocked?

Anything can be blocked with enough willpower and knowledge. Governments that want to block things usually have both. Tailscale is wireguard based, will be as blockable as anything else on the protocol.

Where you may have an advantage is the ability to set up your own exit nodes in a random external datacenter, randomise ports and use the proxies to get the tunnel through HTTPS. Nothing they can’t catch eventually, but if you’re small and agile you may be able to keep a step ahead for a while.

Whether it’s worth it depends on what you’re playing for and whether you’re playing ‘Tag’, where you get caught and start again or ‘cat and mouse’ where you end up eaten.

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Thanks for your reply. what we see in our country (IRAN) have used many VPNs before while most of them blocked now. one VPN works today couldl be blocked next week. I understand what you meant, if I setup my own secret private exit node VPS only for my family could survive for a while, but I also think to help others and add lots of raspberry pi subnet routers to my tailscale network have them used by others in their houses with exit node VPSs in different countries, but unfortunately in case of cat and mouse play I am not an IT man to be able do these things to reshape and re-route the game map by myself.

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