Expose 0/0 on Public facing server

Tailscale user:
hello, you all have created a very cool product. I want to deploy it company wide, but I can not because I can not figure out how to expose the internet at a particular node so the Apple device I am using has access to the mesh server network AND secure internet from our public facing server. Apple iOS products (practically speaking) really only allow connection to one VPN at a time.

For now, the best I can do is use it personally to securely connect to my home server without exposing ports.

Tailscale support:
It’s possible to route all of your traffic through Tailscale node (and out to the internet). What you do is advertise from the exit node. Then, all other devices running Tailscale will use the device as their default route. There are a couple of limitations at present: no IPv6 support and, for Windows, you need to use an unstable build…but it should work for iOS.
Let us know how it goes!