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Synology began having issues. Details on that if needed.

Short question is the case agent suggested tailscale is being installed on the OS partition which is the root of the issues?

We agreed to remove. But looking for insight if this is the issue?

details on ticket:<<
[Synology Support] Ticket 2962607 has been updated

Support ticket #2962607 has been updated by Synology Technical Support. Please go to your Synology Account to respond to this ticket or receive further assistance.

A preview of the updated ticket is shown below:

I was able to connect.

What I found is a directory in the system partition that is too large due to some folder called ‘Tailscale’

img file of the command line showing the tailscale directory 882m in size<

I have no knowledge of what this is. It appears to be some sort of 3rd party package when I do a Google search about it. I assume this must be the 3rd party package you were talking about.

In case this folder is necessary I’ve moved it to volume1/Administrative

However, for some reason this didn’t appear to free up space, strangely. It’s acting as if moving that folder didn’t actually free up any space. Would you please reboot the NAS once more to see if this have any affect? Let me know if you’re still unable to update after.



thank you for your input on this issue, we’re testing stability on the NAS now after removal.


The 1.12.x Tailscale release does not cap the amount of data which can be buffered in that file. They are correct that the 882 MByte file is likely causing other problems. You can just delete it as an immediate resolution, Tailscale will continue to work. We just lose that telemetry or ability to diagnose issues which occurred during that time.

The next version going to the Package Center is 1.16.2, which caps the size of the file at 50 MBytes. We’re expecting that to be released in early December, probably next week (the timing is up to Synology, not Tailscale).

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