Having issues in Synology with DSM6

I have Tailscale installed on my Synology NAS which has DSM 6.X.
The latest version I had installed where things were working somewhat, was 1.38.4, this was installed directly from the stable releases page on Tailscale.

I was having some issues accessing the subnet routes, specifically (which is listed on the Tailscale admin page also). I thought upgrading to the latest version may fix it but not sure it has as now I can no longer start the client and I’m not sure if TS works correctly.

On my package center page, the app isn’t running; and every time I click run it doesn’t actually run.
When I go into the CLI and type tailscale status it shows that my target machine is idle and is available as an exit node.

Can someone advise how to fix?

I’m really not sure what’s going on.

When I click on the Tailscale app through the DSM web portal, it takes me to a page like this:

The page works and shows a splash screen from Tailscale as if its working.

I have no idea about the other stuff, but if you updated the Tailscale package on your Synology NAS, then you need to do a reboot before the Tailscale service is running properly again.
There’s an open issue about this here: Synology Reporting Not Running - It Is and Can Ping Fine · Issue #7608 · tailscale/tailscale · GitHub

I managed to resolve this, simply rebooting the device after install seems to have done the trick.

Nice, glad it worked! :slightly_smiling_face::+1: