Synology not showing up on machine list as connected but it really is

I updated from 1.30.0 to 1.32.2 on my Synology, and now my Synology isn’t showing up on Tailscale as connected. But it is; if I do tailscale status while ssh-ed in, things look connected, and I can access it from my cellphone from LTE.


Something’s happening; the “last seen” time increments every 30–40 minutes or so, but it’s still marked as not connected.

Synology DSM doesn’t let you downgrade so that’s why I didn’t try that.

OK, I thought it was working with a start/stop but it’s not. I installed 1.32.2 on a virtual DSM and it seems to be working ok so still digging.

A deinstall-reinstall of Tailscale (which retained the configuration) seems to have fixed it :crossed_fingers: