Startlink + Ham Radio + Windows + Devices: Routing Question


I have been using TailScale for quite a while and love it. Now I’m setting it up with Startlink, which
isn’t the issue – I want to make sure I have my subnet routers on Windows set up properly, and I’m not quite sure about routing.

I will have two Windows computers, [WA] and [WB] each of these computers will be on different subnets, let’s say 192.168.73.X for [WA] and 192.168.88.X for [WB]. However, at each computer location will be devices that I cannot install TailScale on. The most important task I need to do is to make these devices see each other on TailScale. Of course, I can advertise the subnets of both PCs that are connected to TailScale, and of course I can see the subnets from the PCs. How do I make the devices see each other on the subnets? Via a route? (The devices will have fixed IPs on the same subnet as the PCs.)


My understanding of what you just said is that you have devices which cannot have Tailscale installed that need to access the Tailscale network. If that’s correct, I believe the answer is “no, unless you’re utilizing Tailscale Funnel.” Unless I’m wildly mistaken (possible), the Tailscale client is required for a device to access another network. The Subnet Routers simply allow Tailscale nodes to access subnets and devices that are not joined to their Tailnet, not the other way around.

Hmmm, Funnel does not sound right. Each PC is connected to TailScale, and each PC exposes it’s subnet. Each PC can reach all the devices on the other’s subnet. I have to beleive their is a way to route traffic by adding static routes. This article seems to show how it can be done: Site-to-site networking · Tailscale

Ah you’re right, I forgot that there’s site-to-site functionality. Most firewalls/routers will allow static routes to be set for scenarios like this. You can do it on the individual devices but it is a massive pain, particularly if something ever changes.

I have Ubuquity Edgerouters on both ends, so going to install Tailscale on both ends. Setting up routing that way should work well.