Routing from Windows client into site-to-site VPN

Hi guys, you’ll have to bear with me as I’m new to this.

I have in effect three sites:
Site A - Work network with Raspberry Pi running Tailscale
Site B - Work network with Raspberry Pi running Tailscale
Site C - Home network with single Windows machine running Tailscale

I know it’s mesh, but sites A and B are functioning as a site-to-site VPN. Have set up static routes and every device on sites A and B can talk to each other. Easy as Pi to set up :slight_smile:

Problem is with my Windows laptop at site C. I expected, as my device is part of the Tailscale network that I would be able to talk to all devices on sites A and B. I can’t seem to ping anything on either site. I tried adding manual status routes on Windows setting the gateway as both my local Tailscale IP, and the Tailscale IP of the Raspberry Pi’s on both networks acting as the subnet router.

I think I’m missing something obvious…please help! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

For anyone else running into this issue, I followed the instructions here: Site-to-site networking · Tailscale

…but on step 2 change --snat-subnet-routes=false to --snat-subnet-routes=true

Works perfectly now :slight_smile:


Should this work if all my devices are working with Windows computers, or do I need a RasPI?