Setup for chromecast

i have a server setup as an exit node and subnets

i can get to my home assistant unit from outside, no issue there

but i cant “discover” the chromecast… so if the chromecast for some reason reboots etc i can control it while out

is that even possible?

Where are the Chromecast and Home assistant located network-wise with regard to your router node? Different VLAN? different IP on Tailscale? In a container?

“Discovery” has much to do with multicast being able to traverse multiple vlan. It may have nothing to do with Tailscale.

same network… one is wired the other is wifi… router node is wired… but all on same network

no vlan… only the router node has the linux client installed, no containers

Any help will be welcome

I just retested while out last night

I can control my lights etc through HA, that uses ip address.

Casting to chromecast do not. The chromecast does not appear