Connect Apple TV to Tailscale exit node in another home

So I have a NAS running as exit node in my apartment and want my parents living in another city to be able to connect their apple tv to that exit node. As their is no app support for Apple TV, I’m curious how to solve this efficiently, and preferably without additional hardware if possible?


You’ll likely need to purchase something else at the home of your parents because Apple TV (I own one) doesn’t feature any VPN support either in software or using apps. I have my Apple TV connected using wired ethernet to a second router flashed with Express VPN software to allow me access to foreign streaming apps. This second router is my “VPN router” and is in addition to my primary router.

If I wanted your parents Apple TV to use a different default gateway, which is what you’re implying, you’ll need to set up a Tailscale subnet router at their home and then configure the Apple TV to use that as a default gateway. If you can find a router that Tailscale can be installed on, which has switch ports and wifi of its own, you could use that like I am using my second router flashed with Express VPN software, and connect their Apple TV into that via wired ethernet or wireless ethernet. The WAN port on the second router would connect to a switch port on their primary router.

Thanks! This is exactly the information I needed. Will try it out :slight_smile:

Apple has announced the next update to the AppleTV software, tvOS 17, will support VPN clients similar to how iOS devices access it. It will require Tailscale to release a tvOS app to work, but would be an alternative to running / maintaining subnet routers in the other houses.