Remote Desktop connection disconnects device

Tailscale version: 1.44.0
Your operating system & version: Windows 11, 22H2, Latest version in Windows Update as of 7/8/2023

I’m using Tailscale on 2 of my PCs and both of them has “run unattended” enabled.
Starting from yesterday, Remote Desktop connections can not been successfully made from neither of my PCs. It appears fine on the first try, and the authentication popup would appear, after entering the credentials the connection can be made normally but eventually stuck at “securing remote connection”. And after ~30 s the connection would fail with the error message of over time.
And the following would be the part that i can not explain: the Tailscale connection would be interrupted by this failed attempt of remote desktop connection (the remote/server devices would be offline on the admin page of Tailscale).