Multiple Identical Subnets?

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I just setup a Subnet Router and it works great. My new client sets up their own ISP line and configures their local network, the local network (None of these are proper computers, cannot install tailscale onto them) is always So my first thought was to put a small tailscale subnet router in front of their network to gain routing to their infra. However, they have 200 locations, and they all share this identical schema.

I’ve been searching around, but based off the options available, I think I would only be able to configure one Subnet Router with this address, correct? I don’t see anyway to properly route between two subnet routers IF their advertised routes will be identical.


tailscale1 is a subnet router and is advertising a from Nevada.

tailscale2 is a Subnet router and is advertising a from -anywhere else-


I don’t know of a way to make this happen, other than only enabling one router at a time. With 200 locations, that is awkward.

However if you were looking to script that, there is an api endpoint that would allow you to specify a device then enable/disable routes on it. Building that out would be non-trivial, but doable, and depending on your other options, may be worth the investment.

More info here:

Thanks for responding, sorry I didn’t get back I went on vacation. That is what I thought from reading the documentation, thank you for confirming. Unfortunately I would need all active at the same time so it isn’t a solution.

Still, thank you!