Tailscale does not connect since new update 1.36

I’m having trouble connecting to Tailscale with my NAS (Debian based) since the new update 1.36.

sudo tailscale status gives me:
Health check:
- not logged in, last login error=register request: Post “https://controlplane.tailscale.com/machine/register”: connection attempts aborted by context: context deadline exceeded

unexpected state: NoState

I tried to do sudo tailscale up --reset but it doesn’t help and get stucked.

If I do sudo tailscale logout and then sudo tailscale login will it change my IP? I don’t want to change the IP because it is already configured on a lot of clients to access SMB shares…

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Same issue here. Interested to know if anybody else is showing the same issue. Have tried installing version 1.36 twice and had to rollback to 1.34 due to install linux command does not work.

exactly same issue here on ubuntu