Nothing works. PLZ Help 🙏

Guys, plz, help.:sob:
I don’t understand…
Yesterday I installed Tailscale on three machines. Nas Synology, smartphone and desktop PC. All three are displayed in the control panel. All three online! Each machine is located in its own provider network.
But the pings don’t go either way. I’ve been changing configurations for two days, but nothing changes. Sometimes, if you don’t touch anything, a connection appears. For 30 minutes, but then everything turns off and nothing works again.

And here’s what the log writes when checking the status:

Health check:

- not connected to home DERP region 4

Hi @Ivan, I checked our logs and it looks like there’s something on your network that’s blocking the connection to Tailscale and causing the pings to time out. This could be due to an internal firewall or Hard NAT.

Are your devices on the same network? If you have a router between the two devices, you can try enabling uPnP or NAT-PMP to allow portmapping to permit consistent connections.

Ivan, what is your IPS? Is it MGTS (GPON)?

@densmnko Did you mean ISP?

Each machine has his own ISP.

  1. Smartphone - Mobile network 4G (Beeline)
  2. PC - SKNT.RU
  3. NAS - DOM.RU

Hi @keli!

All devices are on different networks. Between them, most likely, there is a lot of provider equipment. Today I tried to disable the fourth relay region (Frankufrt, I think). Everything seems to be working now. I don’t know if this is related, but I’d rather not touch anything for now. :rofl: