Slow mDNS resolution

Tailscale version: 1.28.0
Your operating system & version: Fedora 36

I started using tailscale and I am just blown away what I can do with it and how reliable it is! Sadly enough, when I tried to ssh into a machine today using the local address (something.local), it just hang up… or so I thought. I left the command open and started searching if the problem was common. Well, to my surprise, it worked after 10-15 seconds of waiting. Same thing when trying to ping something. When I execute tailscale down the resolution is instantaneous.
I have tried to block the tailscale0 interface or even only allow the Ethernet interface, but to no avail. Have I missconfigured something for my machine? And just to be clear, the device I wanted to access is in my network. I am not trying to access a machine using mDNS over tailscale.